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Welcome to the Journal of Applied Scam, Fraud, and Cybercrime Psychology – and Allied Sciences

A journal of psychology, victimology, and criminology published by the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams

Please Note: that the articles & research studies published on this site are part of an ongoing study to catalog and sample available research on relationship fraud and its victims in all of their forms. Articles are published in conformance with the stated license or under fair use as a part of this study.


This website is intended for professionals in the fields of criminology, victimology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and related sciences. They are not for scam victims. Victims of these crimes should exercise discretion when viewing this content as it may be upsetting and triggering.

Many of the documents included are not consistent with SCARS views but are published to provide differing views, opinions, and data. These articles and research studies are not always kind to victims and many are very clinical in their descriptions of victims, the criminals, and the crimes.

Journal of Applied Scam, Fraud, and Cybercrime Psychology – and Allied Sciences

SCARS Private Research Library


OPINIONS: The research, opinions, and or conclusions contained in the published articles & research studies from third-parties on this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc., its Boards. Directors, Advisors, Team Members, Volunteers, or Members. It is presented as it is or was published without comment in the interest of advancing the state of knowledge about the subject matter presented.

Welcome to the Journal of Applied Scams Fraud & Cybercrime Psychology & Allied Sciences

Published by SCARS to support research into a greater understanding of the psychology of scams, fraud, deception, cybercriminality, and in how it applies to their victims

Our Journal of Scam Psychology’s mission is to present important research, studies, insights, news & commentary about how psychology is used by criminals in exploiting their victims, and increase our understanding of their victims. This will include:

  • The tactics and techniques of grooming, manipulation, and control of scam victims
  • The impact on victims both during and after the crimes
  • The causes of vulnerability and susceptibility
  • The application of psychology and its insights in helping support scam victims

This will be presented in:

  • Research studies
  • White papers
  • Articles, commentary, and editorials based on real-world experience
  • Case studies

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